Life, or why I haven’t blogged in two months

23 07 2010

Why haven’t I blogged since May?

Life has been busy and complicated. This season has been intense, as we’ve been faced with one thing after another. There are some amazing things happening in our family, but I will save writing about that for another post.

The good news is coming.

But for now, the not so good news.

In April, my wedding ring was stolen. We filed a claim with the insurance company where we thought we had a policy insuring the ring, only to discover they cancelled the policy without notifying us.

The long story short, my ring is gone and we cannot replace it.

This spring, my husband bought a new suit, his first in a decade. But the second time he wore it, the pants got torn. And the suit designer does not sell separates. So my husband is left with a great suit coat and no pants.

The first week of May, our son Micah had heart surgery.

My husband Mark spent the rest of the month of May on a business trip in Australia, China and Korea.

When he got home, my business was threatened with a lawsuit after my logo was “borrowed” without my consent.

As soon as that was resolved, my website crashed.

The next week we discovered that the triathlon I had been training towards for a year was full. This may seem like a small thing, but a year of triathlon training is something like 400 hours of work.

And then my laptop crashed.


Is why I haven’t blogged in two months.




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