Where did my husband put my chocolate…

2 02 2010

And where did I leave my brain?


Life has become so crazy in the last few weeks. Just when we thought things were going to settle down…

Last month I wrote a blog post about the beginning of my business, Grow Family Nutrition. Two weeks ago, I went to Colorado for a long weekend of training with Dr. Sears. It’s official: I am a Dr. Sears Certified LEAN Coach. Since the training, I’ve been working on the nuts and bolts of starting a business.

Did I mention that nuts and bolts are little? That they can easily get lost? And that with my mommy brain I am not sure how I can keep track of everything?

On top of starting the business, we are looking for a new renter for our basement apartment. We just signed Asher up for kingergarten and we’re looking for a preschool for Micah. We’re still trying to set up a budget for 2010 (woops, is it February already?). It’s the middle of ski season. Whie I love skiing, weekly ski lessons mean that every week we pack all the children and a zillion pounds of gear into the minivan…

Oh yeah, minivan. Did I mention we sold the subaru and bought a minivan?

So we pack everything into the minivan and go up to the mountains. Typically we pack the ski bags on Friday. We get everyone full of healthy food, dressed in long underwear and into the van by 8 am. At 9 am, we’re up at Alpental. We get all the warm ski clothes on and then get Asher to his lessons by 9:30, hopefully without too much complaining. Mark and I take turns watching Zephan while Micah skis with Did Dad, and if we’re lucky we each take a run or two. Then lunch and repeat for afternoon lessons. Then throw everyone in the van to drive back down the hill. Usually we go to community group and eventually make it back home around 7 pm. Then we begin to unpack all the gear. By the following Tuesday, the gear has been washed but it’s hanging all over the laundry room. So on Wednesday I repack the bags. Only to repeat again on Friday.

And then two of the three boys are sick and cranky.

And Zephaniah is now the messiest eater I’ve ever seen. He delights in smushing peanut butter into his hear. Squishing butternut squash between his fingers. Throwing plates of food across the room. Putting bowls on his head. So I am constantly cleaning the kitchen floor.

Did I mention Asher had his first parent teacher conference last week?

And now I can’t find the dark chocolate bar I opened last night. Where did Mark put my chocolate…




One response

4 02 2010

hey sara…fun to run into you today! hope your boys start feeling better soon :(. when you have time (eh, or remember!) shoot me an email to set up a coffee date (or if your IT band issues are not so bad a run date?) to talk business!!

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