Carrots, broccoli and peas, oh my!

11 01 2010

Over the last year or two, Mark and I have prayed about how God would have us provide an education to our children. After much consideration, we are planning on sending our kids to a Classical Christian school. In order to do this, we will need me to go back to work part time to help pay for tuition.

 To that end, I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what would be the best stewardship of my time and our family’s resources. I’ve thought about returning to grad school to become a teacher or a nurse. I’ve thought about returning to my pre-kid world of marketing and public relations. I’ve even thought about trying to launch an store selling handmade baby products.

As a Christian wife and mommy, however, my top priorities must continue to be my relationship with Jesus, my husband and my children. As I’ve researched what would be involved with each of these paths, I have felt like the cost would be too great for our family. Several months ago, as I was praying about what God would have us do to educate our kids – and stressing about the cost of private school – I very clearly felt like God was telling me to be at peace and to trust him. If private school was his plan, he would provide. That’s that.

A few weeks passed and I stumbled on the Dr. Sears LEAN Kids program. Dr. Sears is a well-known pediatrician and author of dozens of books about childrearing. He has created a new program called LEAN Kids designed to help families feed their children well. The program aims not to just treat or prevent childhood obesity, but also to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle for kids of all shapes and sizes.

In two weeks, I will be going to Denver, Colorado to become a Dr. Sears Certified LEAN Coach. As a LEAN Coach, I will be able to teach several classes, including a LEAN Kids for parents of children ages 3-12 and a LEAN Expectations for pregnant moms. I will also be able to do Pantry Makeovers, helping families learn how to shop, cook, eat and live more healthfully.

Although it is a little daunting to launch a business when I am a busy mom of three, I am excited about this opportunity – not just to provide for our children’s education, but also to help other families live healthier. I have always had a passion for healthy nutrition and this feels like a natural fit for my skills and experience. I enjoy teaching and encouraging others.

As a mom, I know the impact I have on my children everyday, whether I am grocery shopping, cooking dinner, going to the gym or cuddling up to read them a book. I know that as moms and dads, we all worry whether or not we are feeding our kids the right stuff. We also worry about whether we are setting a good example. And so I am excited to have some tools to be able to teach other parents how nourish their families, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.




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11 01 2010

we need to TALK. something big changes with you every time we see you. he he. we need to have you guys over this time!

26 02 2010

I just posted on my blog about the stress of affording private school for our kids. I don’t doubt one bit that God led me to your blog (through a series of “You might also be interested in” links from two other blogs I’d never read before) to remind me to leave it up to Him and stop stressing.

Thanks for the reminder!! 🙂

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