Three boys in one bedroom

8 01 2010

Right now our family lives in a big suburban house, but we still dream about what it would be like to live in a smaller space in a city. If we were to ever live somewhere like New York or London – or even downtown Bellevue – we would need to have all three boys share a bedroom.

Even in this house where we have plenty of extra space, the older boys ask when their baby brother can move in to their room. So the plan is to eventually put Asher, Micah and Zephan in one bedroom.

To that end, I am always looking for creative ideas.

Room and Board, one of my very favorite furniture stores, has several cool bunk beds that could accomodate three children. The Moda bunk bed can have a trundle under the bottom bunk. The Loft bed and trundle are crafted from natural steel. I like these because they look sturdy and masculine. Although this is only two beds, I wonder if they could made a high loft as well? Beautifully made furniture, if a little expensive.


I recently stumbled on the blog of a family that moved from Colorado to New York, where they are living in a 1,200 square foot 2 bedroom apartment. The family of six has three boys and one girl. The dad chopped up 2 ikea bunk beds to make a modern triple high bunk bed. With thre desks along the other wall (and presumably storage somewhere nearby), they fit three boys in a small bedroom.  What a brilliant idea:


This next one is my favorite! Check out this post from Apartment Therapy’s Small Kids, Big Color contest last year. This incredibly creative family built two Ikea Kura beds on a custom platform. The rolling drawers under the bed provide storage for toys. Not to mention room for four kids to sleep! And play! 

Notice how they built a side table in the corner between the beds to have a space for a light. And the curtains that make the bottom bunks feel like a fort. I am guessing you could set this up for around $1,000 including mattresses and bedding if you found the Kura beds on Craigslist. Not to mention, this whole bed would fit in a corner of a room that was just 8.5′ by 10′. I am totally inspired!




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8 01 2010
Amber Weiseth

Love the 2 corner bunk beds! Might have to look into that someday.

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