Love it, hate it

5 01 2010

I have a complicated relationship with sewing.

I love being creative, but I hate messes. Sewing is wonderfully creative, but woefully messy. There is nothing that bugs me more than the little tiny bits of fabric fuzz that get stuck in the carpet despite my best attempts with my crazy powerful vacuum to clean up.

I like sewing because I enjoy making beautiful things. The problem is, at least half of the projects I start – and most of the projects I dream up – are stuck in sewing limbo.

This morning I went through my sewing stuff. I reoganized everything so that it tidy. Buttons, thread, bobbins, pins, needles, scissors, tools, elastic, cording, webbing, bias tape, ribbon: everything has it’s place.

I also looked through my unfinished projects. This may have been a mistake, as now I feel guilty for not finishing everything. I went through the pile and then put almost everything in a big bin in the back of the closet. Most of it will have to wait. I am going to finish a few sewing projects and then give myself a nice long break.

Here’s the short list that hopefully can be finished in January:

  1. Fleece long underwear, hats and neckwarmers for the family
  2. Make curtains for the kitchen, loft and master bedroom/bathroom
  3. Hem jeans

That’s it. That is all I will do this month.

But there is a long list of other projects I would like to do if I had time. It is really hard for me to put everything else in the back of the closet and just walk away. But I am going to do this. I need to do this…




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