Lessons in friendship

30 10 2009

About four years ago, I met one of my dearest friends. I will call her Radiant: although this is not her given name, she in every way radiates the love of God.

At first, we were not good friends. She was unlike anyone I had ever met. She loved Jesus with a passion I can hardly explain. She had survived much pain, sorrow and loss. In some ways she was difficult. She was not practical and did not want to listen to my “advice”. She believed God could do anything. And she expected a lot of the people in her life. I made an effort for maybe a year to be her friend, but eventually gave up when it was too hard for me.


But my friend, Radiant, did not give up on me. For the next three years, she pursued me. She was one of the only people to call me on my birthday. She sent me cards, writing sincre words of encouragement. She prayed. And prayed and prayed.

About a year ago, my heart softened towards her. I realized that I had sinned against her. I was humbled to see her faithfulness towards me. I went out and bought her some note cards. I may not be gifted like her to write hundreds of letters of encouragement each year, but I wanted to recognize the grace God has given to her.

Over the last six months, this friend has continued to pursue me. One day this summer, as I was struggling with believing lies about our family, Radiant called. She prayed with me and shared her heart. She spoke words of wisdom into my life and challenged me to be more like Jesus.

A few weeks later, she and her husband came over for dessert and tea. It was lovely having them in our home. Together these friends are a tremendous example of God’s loving kindness and faithfulness. Although I had given up on them, God did not. He has been faithful to knit them together in marriage, transforming each of their hearts. He is thriving in his career because she respects him sincerely. She is more beautiful because of his adoration. I have no doubt that God will do something amazing through them.

This precious daugther of God has taught me much about friendship. She has been faithful. She loves sincerely. She prays constantly, even for those who have hurt her, because she does not want to become bitter. She blesses people who don’t deserve it. She gives generously. She fully understands the grace she has been given and loves others with abandon. Ultimately, she trusts, obeys and loves God. What an example.

My friend, if you read this, you are truly Radiant. Thank you for loving me and not giving up on me. You have been a gift from God.




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31 10 2009

beautiful story

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