Three little bears

30 09 2009

This afternoon, the boys and I visited my parents. My dad, whom the boys affectionately call Did Dad, took a break from work to make a “bear cave” with his grandsons. Even little Zephan was in on the action. This week Zephan has learned to crawl not just to a toy that is out of his reach, but across the room. Or down the hall. While he was playing baby bears with his brothers and his grandpa, Zephan made a huge bear growl.

This evening, my parents watched the boys while Mark and I went to Evergreen Hospital where we volunteer in the NICU. As my parents were driving into our garage with Zephan in the car, he said “Mama?” – as in, are we home? Will I finally see mama?

After he was inside and he was happily in my arms, he looked across the room and said: “Dada, Asher, Love.” Asher and Mark came over to snuggle with Zephan. Zeph planted some slobbery kisses on his big brother and his daddy, all the while continuing to say love, Asher, Dada and budda (brother, I think).



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