Last gasp of summer

24 09 2009

 Yesterday I went to Jubilee Farm. There was a soft breeze. The light was the color of honey and the sun shone warm on my shoulders. This is the last gasp of summer. The corn, tomatoes and peppers are ripe. The green beans and tomatillos have grown so heavy they have toppled their plants. Lazy bees buzz around ripe raspberries and grapes. Orange pumpkins are beginning to peek out of green leaves.

As I sit here and write, Zephan, who is now ten months old, is squaking like a wild bird. He is hungry for grapes. Or watermelon or cantelope. Or yellow squash or tomato or carmelized onions or apples. How quickly he has grown into a determined, busy little person. He crawls all over our house and inspects every little bit of food, fabric, or other scraps we leave on the floor. Soon we will celebrate is first birthday.

Asher has been back in school for three weeks. He loves school this year. He wishes he could go to school ten days a week. He talks excitedly about his new friends, in particular a sweet girl named Kate. He wishes he could be in kindergarten. He is determined to learn how to read. He wants to learn how to read so he can figure out how to invent a robot to do all of his daddy’s work so daddy can stay home all the time. Soon he will be five.

Micah is growing too. This little, quiet one has become quite a handfull at two and a half. I suppose most children are at this age. Over the summer, his feet went from a size six to an eight, almost over night. He has started to talk: not just a few words here or there, but in full paragraphs. He has a lot on his little mind and is right on Asher’s heels.

This fall, Mark and I will celebrate ten years together. In ten years, we have done a lot of growing up. When we met, we were in college. Full of dreams and big ideas, we fell in love quickly and began to plan our lives together at just 17 and 20. Ten years later, we feel so very blessed: three beautiful children, a nice home, interesting work, loving family and friends. And a God who has been gracious to us in so many ways.

These last days of warmth have been a gift, a reminder of what was a glorious summer, but I am ready for fall. Ready to settle in, to make apple cider and pumpkin pie, to hang curtains and paint walls and decorate our home for the holidays.




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