Mom of boys finds herself burried in tulle

12 09 2009

September 12, 2009 – Renton, Wash.

This morning, a Renton mom of three young boys found herself burried in over one hundred yards of tulle. “My son wanted me to be a princess for Halloween,” she said, “and so I thought, how hard can it be to make a tutu?” Shortly after the mom began to tie strips of tulle on a satin ribbon, the three young boys decided to build a tulle castle. Four year old Asher old held his mother hostage with the glue gun while two year old Micah piled layers of red, green, purple and gold tulle on top of the helpless mother. The ten-month old, Zephaniah, crawled on top of the pile and giggled.

Just kidding.

In all honesty, I am planning to dress up as a princess for Halloween. Asher is going to be a knight and he wants me to be his princess. He has a very clear idea of what he wants me to wear, including a tiera, tutu and magic wand. I am thrilled. I am a girly mom of boys. All boys. For years I’ve walked right by the tutus, longing for more pink, more sparkle, more tulle in my life. So I am giddy to have the opportunity to dress up like a princess for my little men.

For about a year, Asher has had a thing for princesses. When we go to the doctor or when he goes home from preschool, he really wants a pink princess sticker. This is not because he wants to be a princess. Rather he just loves princesses.

One thing I do love about being a mom of boys is how they love to watch me get ready for a date with daddy. Asher has strong opinions about what clothes are pretty. Micah loves it when I wear jewelry. Both boys like to watch me put on my makeup and style my hair. It is fun for me to watch them watch me. I go from everyday mom in exercise clothes with my hair in a ponytail to a princess. In their eyes, at least. I believe God has wired these little men’s hearts to appreciate beauty. Some day, I hope these boys will be captivated by their wives’ beauty. I hope this appreciation of beauty will inspire them to conquer their enemies, climb mountains, persevere through trials.

Beauty inspires. We all know this. There is nothing like the beauty of creation to remind us of the glory of the Creator.

I think it is fun to play a small part in this amazing story. This fall, I will dress up like a princess. I know it will delight the hearts of my little boys. I want to inspire Asher to use his masculine strength in an honorable way. I hope this quest for righteousness will rub off on Micah and Zephan.

So for once, this mom of boys is actually shopping for a tutu! I am considering making one, but in the end I may have one made. I am scared to bring 100 yards of tulle into this house. Just imagine the mess our little ones could make…




One response

12 09 2009

There’s a tutorial on my blog/flickr for making an uber-pouffy tu-tu. I’ve made about 5 of them so far, and they turn out awesome, therefore I have LOTS of experience…

Sounds like an awesome endeavor and I can’t wait to see the results. My girls are princesses EVERY year, so maybe we can come hang out and help to accessorize your knights/soldiers/princes.


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