Back to school shopping for grownups

31 08 2009

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gone through each of the boy’s closets. We’ve tossed out items that are badly stained. Packed up clothes that are too small for the older boys but too big for their younger brothers. We’ve given away bags of baby clothes and taken piles more to a consignment store. Once the inventory was complete, we went shopping: more jeans for Asher, long sleeve shirts and sweatpants for Micah, onesies and a fall coat for Zeph.

Now the fall clothes are neatly arranged in the closets. Their new shoes sit on the top shelf, waiting for the end of summer. School starts this week, at least for Asher, but the boys are all ready for this new season.

This mama, however, is not!

My closet is a mess. There are several huge piles of clothing on the floor. Nothing seems to make sense in there. My crisp, summer favorites – blue and white button downs, flowery dresses and bright tees – don’t seem right now that the weather is turning.

What should I wear as a busy mom of three? Most days involve preschool or playdates, grocery shopping or keeping house. If I wear something nice, I almost inevitably end up with spit up or snot all over me.

This is motherhood, I know –  but at the end of the day, I still want to look nice for my husband. On the rare occasions we get out on a fancy date, I want to remember how to wear high heels. I want to look pulled together so that strangers don’t always tell me “you’ve got your hands full.” And I want to look grown-up-enough that people believe I am the Mom, not the Nanny. 

So here I go upstairs, to begin to clean out the closet. I’ll put away my summer clothes and set aside a pile to give to friends or donate to charity. And hopefully, I’ll begin to make sense of this new season.




2 responses

3 09 2009

you can donate to me! i love your clothes!

6 09 2009
Maria Estigoy

I agree about looking like a mom and not the nanny. You deserve to look good and pulled together. Treat yourself to JCrew and Anthropologie. They’ve got amazing stuff. If you want to be frugal, H&M is a great place too!

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