Our little farmers at work – week two

26 06 2009


Micah loves strawberries. Although you can’t quite tell from the serious look on his face, Micah was in strawberry heaven here. This week at Jubilee Farm we had the opportunity to walk through the strawberry fields to “pick and eat” whatever we wanted.  As we walked through the fields, we found lady bugs and looked for the red, sweet treasure hidden under these green leaves.

We came home from the farm with another huge laundry basket full of produce. This week included pounds of snowpeas, lemon balm, sorrel, chard, kale, bok choi, cauliflower, broccoli rabe, kohlrabi, turnips, mizuna, curly leaf lettuce and mixed salad greens. We have a total of 12 heads or bunches of greens. For one week. As Zephan’s shirt says, “Eat Your Greens!”

photo grandpa

Here is Zephan with his Great Grandfather. It is amazing to me how much they look alike.

So what is the menu for this week?

  • Wild salmon poached with lemon balm on organic field greens
  • Italian sausage with broccoli rabe, garlic roasted kohlrabi and polenta
  • Stir fry snow peas and tofu with peanut sauce on jasmine rice
  • Chili shrimp with stir fried bok choi and shitake mushrooms on brown rice
  • Steak with mashed sweet potatoes, carrots and turnips and chard sauteed with raisins and pine nuts

I’m not sure what to do with the mizuna, which is particularly spicy. We froze two bunches of kale to use in soups next winter. We have a lot of extra lemon balm, which I’ll probably throw in the bath because it smells amazing. And we’ll be eating a lot of salad – and a lot of snow peas!




One response

2 07 2009

i like having a friend like you. i have never made any of those meals and i think it sounds like fantastic food! you have great creativity in your home. yummy!

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