The greatest blessing

26 05 2009

Tonight as we were tucking our boys in for bed, I lay Zephan next to Asher while I hurried downstairs for one more glass of milk. When I came back into the boys’ room, Zephan and Asher were cuddled together. I lay beside them, studying the sweetness in their faces. Asher looked up at me and said: “Zephan is the greatest blessing.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. After all that Asher endured while I was pregnant with his brother, he loves his brother deeply. Sincerely. Selflessly. I told him that I feel the same way, except that I think Asher, Micah and Zephan are all the greatest blessings. Asher reminded me: “And you and Daddy.”

Zephan was holding on to Eyo, Asher’s beloved stuffed donkey. Asher has slept with Eyo every night for more than four years. We actually own three Eyos, as loosing an Eyo would be devastating. Zeph was clearly enjoying holding Eyo’s soft fur and chewing on his nose. Asher watched his baby brother and then anounced that Zephan could sleep with Eyo tonight.

I am overjoyed to see our sons loving and serving one another. It is humbling to realize how thankful Asher is for his siblings. What a gift.



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27 05 2009

okay. that was crazy sweet.

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