Zephan is six months old

18 05 2009

Zephaniah Isaac Brinton is six months old. Our little man is growing into his big name.

Zephan – affectionally called Zeph or Bef by his brothers – is nearly 14 pounds and 25 inches long. He has gained more than ten pounds and grown over eight inches since he was born two months prematurely on November 18, 2008. Here is Zephan on his birth day:


Zephan spent one month in the NICU at Evergreen Hospital growing, learning to eat and remembering to breathe. Although it was not always easy, Zephan learned how to breastfeed and has thrived on my breastmilk. Here is Zeph at one month old:

IMG_6529 [640x480]

Other than a few colds, Zephan has been very healthy. He is developing normally and is catching up in many ways. He is smiles, babbles and giggles. He chews on toys and sucks his thumb. He’s beginning to roll over and sit with support. Zephan is beginning to eat solid food – last week he tried avocado.

Here he is at the Laurelwood Public House at 2 months and playing in his room at 3 months:

IMG_8007 [320x200] IMG_8207 [320x200]

Here is is up at Alpental at four months and on the airplane to Kauai at five months:

IMG_8785 [320x200] Zephan

It is amazing – and humbling – to see how Zephan is thriving even though he was born two months early. We are constantly aware of God’s grace in our lives. This little man is a precious gift and a wonderful blessing. Although he took us by suprise, he has brought our whole family so much joy. We cannot imagine life without him.




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