Turtles, dolphins, seals and whales

11 05 2009

What an amazing vacation. What a glorious place. Wow. Can we stay here forever?

That’s more or less what I’m thinking as our two weeks in paradise wind down. Our whole family has had a wonderful time. Zephan loves the warm breezes and being in the water. He’s spent his time here in Kauai drinking a lot of mama’s milk, taking long naps in the shade and getting his feet wet at the keiki beaches.

kauai_2 137 [320x200] kauai_5 224 [320x200]

kauai_5 233 [320x200] kauai_2 190 [320x200]

After a few days of being unsure about getting wet, Micah adores the water. He is a very brave little swimmer. He now likes to go down the water slide, jump in the pool and ride the boogie board in the ocean. He is fearless, even when he ends up under water. Both Asher and Micah have enjoyed eating mango ice cream and rainbow shave ice almost daily. We took the boys to a luau last week and they had a blast. The whole family has enjoyed discovering Kauai’s amazing beaches, building sand castles and splashing in the water.

Micah car [320x200] Micah stick [320x200]

 kauai_5 325 [320x200] kauai_3 016 [320x200]

Mark and I have had a few adventures of our own this week. Last Thursday, we took a helicopter flight in a helicopter that had no doors. It was a thrill to see the beautiful scenery in Kauai from the air with the wind blowing in our hair. We saw a whale from the helicopter. On Friday, we took a boat trip to the Napali Coast. We saw spinner and bottle nose dolphins and swam with sea turtles. On Sunday we went to Ke’e beach, where we found a monk seal. Swimming with the turtles was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life.

helicopter (2) [320x200]

dolphin [320x200] 

na pali [320x200]

We’re having an amazing time. Back to enjoying our vacation!




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