Kauai, here we come!

30 04 2009

After a few crazy days of gathering supplies and packing suitcases, the time had finally come. At 1:45 pm on Wednesday, we packed three small children, four grown ups, ten carry on bags, three carseats, seven suitcases and one stroller into a van to go to the airport. The kids were all excited. Even Zephan knew something was up. We checked-in and made it through security with about an hour before our flight.


The flight from Seattle to Kauai left around 4 pm. The first few hours went quickly. Everyone ate dinner and played with new toys. The grown ups enjoyed a few Mai Tais – Alaska Airlines still gives these out for free on flights to Hawaii – and then realized we still had three more hours before landing. The kids had the wiggles. Eventually the kids settled down and played quietly or slept until we landed at approximately 10 pm Seattle time.



We lugged our pile of suitcases to the rental car agency, picked up a minivan and a convertable, and headed to the condo. We’re staying at the Waipouli Beach Resort, just south of Kapa’a on the East side of Kauai – more on this later!




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