Too busy to blog

21 04 2009

For most of the last month, I’ve been too busy to blog. So here goes a general update on what’s been happening for our family.

Mark has been enjoying his job more than usual. He likes his coworkers, continues to find his work satisfying and is excited to finally be in a position where he is able to meaningfully influence the business for good. His office will be moving from Redmond to Bellevue in a few weeks. He’ll be in the Bravern, the new swanky office building at 405 and NE 8th.  He’ll be able to ride his new bike to work. I’m excited because Wild Ginger, one of my favorite Seattle restaurants, is opening on the Eastside – downstairs from Mark’s office.

Asher and Micah are busy learning, growing and getting in to everything. Asher is a very cool little kid. He is funny and he picks up on everything. It’s hard to believe he’s almost done with this second year of preschool. Micah is a typical two-year-old. Lots of tantrums and nos – but somehow the second time around it’s a lot easier. Both boys are excited for our trip to Hawaii and looking forward to the summer.

Zephan, little tiny Zephan, is now 5 months old. He weighs a little more than 12 pounds and is maybe 23 inches long! He’s smiling and giggling. He’s fascinated by people – especially his brothers and his great-grandfather. He is starting to bring toys to his mouth and he sits well with a little support. Thankfully, he sleeps through the night now too. What a blessing to have a good sleeper the third time around!

As for me, I’ve been busy training for my triathlons. I’ve been running, swimming and biking at least 2 times each every week, for a total of 6 workouts. After one month of training, I’m feeling much stronger and much more capable in the pool and on the bike. I’ve discovered that I’m not a terrible swimmer. I am really enjoying biking. On Saturday, we put clip in pedals on my bike for the first time. I figured it out – after falling a few times. The whole right side of my body is bruised and sore. But I’m hooked.

I’ve also slowly started Early Birds – my shop where I will be selling handmade clothes, blankets and booties for preemies. Although the shop is set up, I don’t have any items for sale yet. Hopefully I’ll get a few things online by the end of May.

Our whole family is getting ready to go on vacation. We’re headed to Kauai for two weeks. More on that soon.




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