Perfect spring skiing

7 04 2009
On Sunday afternoon, we took the kids skiing. Depending on the weather, this may have been our last ski day as a family for the year. It was over 60 degrees and sunny up at the pass. Although the snow was melting, there was plenty for a great day on the slopes.
Micah in his sunglasses Zephan likes his bunting Daddy with Zeph and Asher

Mark and I love to ski and snowboard. We’re really hoping the boys will enjoy skiing too. So far, they do – this year both Asher and Micah have developed a love for skiing. They beg to go to Alpental. Micah often grabs my cell phone, calls his grandpa and says: “Did Dad, let’s go skiing, at Alpental, right now!”

We are trying to teach the boys to ski. This year our goal for Micah was that he would enjoy walking around on skis and get used to the routine of getting dressed in layers of long underwear, fleece, waterproof pants and coats, boots, hats, mittens and goggles. Micah’s done this and more. 

Micah on chairlift Did Dad with the boys 


We also hoped that Asher would begin to ski on his own. Asher spent most of the year skiing on a harness or between me or my dad’s skis, but this Sunday he had the confidence to do more skiing on his own. Trying to teach Asher to ski has been frustrating. He is a perfectionist and when he thinks something should be easy – like skiing – and it is actually difficult, he gets very upset. When things do not come easily, he wants to give up. But as we’ve encouraged him to keep on trying, I think we’ve all been learning some good lessons. I’ve been learning about patience. This morning, Asher explained to me that he has learned some important lessons to. He has figured out that by practicing all year, he eventually did learn to ski on his own. And he’s realized that this is a very important life lesson, something he’ll take with him as he grows up.


Asher getting on chairlift Asher on chairlift Asher skiing with Did Dad




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