I found a bike!

28 03 2009

I found my bike!

After a few weeks of searching, Mark and I found the perfect bike last night at a little shop in Issaquah. The bike is a Jamis Ventura Race that was on sale from 2008. The bike has the components I was looking for and is fun to ride – but it cost about $500 less than similarly equipped 2009 bikes. After looking at both new and used bikes, I thought it would be better to buy a new bike with a good warranty if I could find one on sale. I’m really excited to get out of spinning class and on to the roads.

But today, it is raining.

And I’m getting over a weird bug that has turned from a stomach thing for a few hours Wednesday night to a throat thing. This last week was supposed to be my first official week of training for the triathlon, but after getting in three workouts, I ended up having to take a few days off. I feel well enough today that I am hoping to hop in the pool for an easy swim this afternoon. 

Mark’s going to take Asher and Micah up to the pass to go skiing. I’m looking forward to a quiet morning with Zeph. Maybe we’ll take a nap. Or grab coffee. Or dress for the weather and take a walk. I love all the kids, but so enjoy the moments I have with just one or two at a time.



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29 03 2009
Abby D

I missed you this morning at the DF/GF thing! But, I hope you had a nice morning with Zeph–hope you got that nap in!

30 03 2009

hi Sara — you might really benefit from training with a bike club in your area. Who knows if the timing would work for you, but it could be motivating and safer to ride with a bunch of experienced bikers. And you could pick up a lot of good training tips and learn to ride in packs, which I’ve heard is really challenging and something to learn before a race. …Maybe you already know all that, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents.


31 03 2009

That’s a great idea Kyle. I know the shop where I bought my bike has group rides on Saturday mornings. That might be a great place to start riding in a group.

I’ve also thought about doing masters swimming.

With both swimming and biking, I haven’t really done either other than for a little fun here and there for about 15 years. I’ve been in the pool a few times and on the bike a few times, but wow, I have a long way to go!

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