Easter Eggs

27 03 2009

I finally finished the preschool class project for the silent auction at Eastside Christian. When I signed up in September to be the auction project coordinator – everyone has to pick a volunteer job – all I cared about was finding a role where I wouldn’t have to do anything until at least February. The auction is in April and I consider myself fairly creative, so I figured this was better than planning a party or making play dough.

As the auction approached, however, I realized that it was challenging to create something that is both made by the kids and an object people would actually want to display or use in their homes. I know parents spend silly amounts of money at the silent auction for emotional reasons. And to support the school we all love.

I love my children’s art. Don’t get me wrong. But I wanted to come up with a project that parents could actually use and enjoy without having to explain, “Oh, my son’s preschool class made that, isn’t it, um, charming?”

Inspired by the work of Lotta Jansdotter and her book, Lotta Prints, I decided the class would make a set of napkins and a table runner. I bought three yards of white cotton fabric at Ikea, blue paint and a sack of small potatoes. I cut and sewed the fabric into a table runner, napkins and storage bag. Asher, Micah and I practiced stamping with potatoes at home. Earlier this week I spent a few hours in Asher’s preschool class helping the rest of the children paint napkins with potatoes. After a few touch-ups at home, the project was finished.




I’m really pleased with the result. It is practical and pretty. The little fingerprints and mistakes the children made as they were painting give the napkins a whimsical feeling. The potato stamps, which look a little like rows of Easter eggs, are modern and playful. I’d love to have it in our home!



One response

3 04 2009

What a great project! It turned out beautifully!

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