First words

24 03 2009

You probably won’t believe this. I’m not sure that I do.

Zephan, who is barely 4 months old and should be just 2 months, has said his first words!

About a week ago when we were up at Alpental, Zephan was taking a nap in his bassinet in the RV. I was sitting where Zephan couldn’t see me and playing with Micah. When Zephan woke up, clear as a bell he said “mommy.” He was looking for me and he wanted me to pick him up.

Today when Zeph woke up from his afternoon nap, I brought him downstairs to say hi to Mark who was working at home. I leaned Zephan in to Mark’s face and our little man said “kiss.”

Mark looked at me: “did you hear what I heard? Did he just say kiss?”

He totally said kiss.

I am amazed by our littlest man.




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