Whatcha doin’ mama, shoppin’ for bikes?

23 03 2009

Mark and I have spent the last two weekends shopping for bicycles.

This weekend, Mark found his new ride, a surly pacer. His bike was an awesome craigslist find. If you want to buy a bike on craigslist, you have to check the site at least every three hours through the day. The best bikes sell very quickly and if you aren’t ready to jump on a good deal, you will miss out. We’ve missed out on more than a few bikes this week. But on Saturday morning we scored – at least for Mark.

We’re still looking for a bike for me. After riding maybe a dozen bikes, I have a much better idea what I like. Although I appreciate the ride quality of a steel frame, I like the responsiveness of aluminum and carbon frame bikes. I have learned a little about what components I like. I’ve climbed on a few bikes – including the Trek 2.1 WSD and Specialized Dolce Elite – that feel just awesome. Really fast and fun. We’re still looking for the right bike at the right price. Tonight someone from craigslist emailed me about a Specialized Dolce Vita Multi Sport. The road bike is designed to work for training and racing and is the right size and is selling for half of the retail price. Could this be my bike?


Asher and Micah are excited about mommy and daddy buying bikes. I’m not sure Zephan understands, but he’s happy to come along as long as there is milk. They seem to enjoy bike shops more than, um, clothing or furniture stores! Now when Micah sees me on my computer, instead of asking if I am shopping for shoes, he says: “Watcha doin’ mama, shoppin’ for bikes?”

Last year we had to tell the boys “no, we can’t go outside/to the park/to ride bikes” way too many times. We’re excited that this year, we can go to the park. Have picnics. Ride bikes. Go to the zoo. Play on playgrounds. Make sand castles. Although I’m sure the boys don’t totally understand, I think they can tell Mark and I are excited to get back to being active as a family.



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23 03 2009

I got a Specialized on craigslist last summer and it is the best bike I’ve ever had!

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