Triathlon gear is expensive!

16 03 2009

Today Mark and I took the boys out to look for bikes and other triathlon gear. Although I have a few things – plenty of active wear, running shoes, sunglasses and socks – I will need to buy quite a few things in order to get started – bike, bike shoes, bike shorts, swimsuit for training, swim cap and goggles, and eventually a triathlon outfit for racing.

Although I don’t need it yet, I have been looking at triathlon outfits. Tonight Mark and I had the following conversation:

Me: “I like the Danskin triathlon outfits, but I bet everyone will have them.”

Mark: “I don’t think a man would ever say that. What guy would start a race and worry if someone else had the same wetsuit?”

Okay, my husband is right. This is not my high school prom and it doesn’t matter if I am wearing the same outfit or riding the same bike as another athlete. But everything is cuter in pink. Or with flowers. I’m thinking about adding pink streamers to my handlebars. They’ll make me look fast, even if I’m not. The first bike I rode was white with a little pink and silver. The second was blue. The third was orange. I can’t help it – I want my outfit and my shoes and my bike to at least coordinate!

One of my friends added a comment with a link to this video. It’s hilarious…I don’t want you to miss it so I added it here!

Climbing on a bike for the first time in almost a decade made me a little nervous, but it was fun. The last bike I owned was a terrible, heavy, mountain “comfort” bike that was anything but comfortable. I remember trying to ride on the Burke Gilman in college and being miserable before I rode from SPU to UW. But hoping on a few road bikes today, I had so much fun. These bikes fit, felt natural and went fast. Effortlessly.

This week the plan is to make the plan. I calculated how much I’ll need to eat while training and breastfeeding (roughly 2600 calories a day). I’m going to write out the plan for the next 4 months. I’m reading a book about triathlon training that has a plan to get ready for a sprint triathlon in 12 weeks – I have 18 until the Chelan Man. This gives me a few extra weeks to build a strong base before beginning more specific training.

I’m also hoping to get in a pool to swim laps. I am capable of swimming, but I think this will be the hardest part of my training. The plan this week is to swim 50 meters at a time with 1-2 minutes of rest in between laps for a total of 400 meters. I’m also hoping to catch one spinning class. With maybe 2 more days on the elliptical trainer and another day or 2 skiing at Alpental…okay, I’m already sore!



3 responses

16 03 2009

I am so bad about buying new running or new tri gear for each race. I don’t think I could resist pink either.

Good luck with all your training. 🙂

16 03 2009
Ann H.

You are not alone in the pink category, my dear! I’m a sucker for girly outdoor gear. Who doesn’t want to look great while being tough? It reminds me of this funny video from about running skirts.

18 03 2009

Hey Sara — I worked for nuun & co. this last summer. they make an effervescent electrolyte tab that you add to water to make super low calorie “gatorade.” Triathletes are their core market. I used the product all summer and fall. it’s really great stuff for hydration without all the sugary goo that makes many long distance athletes feel sick. So at risk of sounding like i’m trying to sell the stuff, you should give it a try… hydration is the most important thing until about 45 minutes of activity, when you have to make sure you’re getting calories as well. Good luck! —Kyle

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