A week at our house

13 03 2009

This week, Zephan is 16 weeks old. He now weighs an astounding 10 pounds 13 ounces. That is officially huge for a boy who was only 3 pounds 13 ounches when he was born! Zephan seems very eager to catch up with his brothers. He is smiling a lot now and loves to play. We’re finally heading out of newborn land and into babyhood. Last night Zephan slept through the night. He seems interested in eating and now drools and stares when we eat something that smells or looks good. He’s rolling over once in a while and starting to mimic not just facial expressions but some sounds.

img_8311-320x200 img_8313-320x200 img_8323-320x200


This week we also celebrated Micah’s birthday. Micah helped me bake cupcakes, which were really blueberry muffins topped with a lemon buttercream frosting. They were delicious – and easy.

img_8455-320x200 img_8459-320x200 img_8480-320x200 img_8462-320x200

Asher and Micah are increasingly becoming great friends, not just brothers. While Asher is still hard on Micah, Micah is learning to fight back. Sometimes as a mama to boys, I sit back and let them figure things out. Most of the time, the delight in one another. If I am busy with cleaning the house, taking care of Zephan, training for the traithalon, or whatever else, most likely the boys are in their bedroom or the playroom making a huge mess!

img_8554-320x200 img_8555-320x200

Last weekend we went up to Alpental to ski. We’re planning on going up again this weekend, hopefully with some friends so we can share the work of watching our little ones. Both Asher and Micah love being in the mountains and beg for more trips to Alpental. Micah often says: “Mama, let’s go skiing, right now, Alpental, yes, yeah, okay.” Micah is on skis a little this year and Asher is finally beginning to make some turns on his own. Even little Zephan likes the fresh air. As far as mom and dad go, we’re both happy to be in good enough shape to ski the top of the hill and enjoy the snow – finally.

 img_8358-320x200 img_8371-320x200 img_8359-320x2001 img_8342-320x200



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