Mommy marathon

11 03 2009

This week has been crazy busy. I almost feel like I am running a marathon every day just being a mama to my boys.

This morning I woke up to my husband saying it was 6:30 when he brought Zephan in to nurse. Nice, I thought, I can cuddle with Zeph for a while and still have time for a workout.

When Zephan finished eating at 8:10, however, I realized that it had been 7:30 when I heard 6:30. We had to have the kids in the car by 8:25 to get Asher to school on time. Everyone was still in their pajamas and our tummies were hungry. I stuck contacts in my bleary eyes, pulled my hair out of my face and put on enough makeup that I looked alive, threw on the clothes that were in a pile on the floor by the bed.

Meanwhile Mark toasted up half a dozen toaster pastries and gave the kids bowls of cereal. We got clothes on the kids, coffee made and everyone in the car by 8:30. I ate my toaster pastries (organic with pomegrante and cherry) and drank my latte on the way to school. After running Asher into his class, I took Micah and Zephan to Joann Fabrics where I picked up odds and ends I needed to finish a few projects. I went to half-price books to look for a book on triathalon training. No luck. Back to the car…

We then picked up an old cell phone from a friend near Overlake Hospital and went to the Bellevue Downtown Library. There, I found a book on triathlons and picked up a few running magazines. Motivation. I found $.50 in my wallet and bought a second cup of coffee and sat down by the kids books with Micah for a few minutes while breastfeeding Zephan. Back to the car…

We drove to Asher’s school and brought all the kids in. Micah loves to see the class pets, a fish and some sort of rodent. The teachers oohed and awed over Zephan and we planned the day I will bring in the preschool class project for the silent auction – a set of napkins and a table runner painted by the kids. With both Micah and Zephan (together they weigh 34 pounds!) in my arms, I ran back to the car…

I gave the kids a container of cereal mixed with trail mix and we drove to meet Mark for lunch at his office. We only had 15 minutes to warm up three frozen meals and feed everyone before we needed to be back in the car to drive to Evergreen Hospital for Zephan’s synagis shot. We arrived a few minutes late, but still in time for his shot. He weighed 10 pounds 13 ounches! He has gained 7 pounds! This time, instead of getting back in the car, I put all the kids in the stroller and did a few other errands at Evergreen. Zephan was starving, so I sat down and breastfed him in the lobby. After dropping off the aforementioned cell phone with a friend who is a nurse at Evergreen, I went to Human Resources to pick up my official volunteer badge. Then we went back to the car…

The next stop was Trader Joes where we grocery shopped for the week. And then went back to the car. And breastfed Zephan again…

When I got home, I unpacked three kids, five bags of groceries, half a dozen library books, shoes, coats, hats, mittens, backpacks, papers, diaper bags, baby clothes, coffee cups, empty tuperware, lunch boxes, granola bar wrappers, leftover cereal…

And that was all before 3:30!

After I sit here and drink my tea, I will wash the cloth diapers, fold the laundry, clean the bathrooms, change diapers, workout, feed the kids, breastfeed Zephan, and hopefully have time to finish making a tablecloth before cooking dinner for friends who are coming over tonight.

Is life with three kids always this crazy or are we doing something wrong?




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