Happy Birthday Micah!

10 03 2009

Two years ago on March 9, 2007, Micah Joel was born at Evegreen Hospital in Kirkland. Although he was born one month early and he weighed 5 pounds 8 ounces, he was healthy and strong. He spent four days in the NICU before coming home on March 12.


As a newborn, Micah was very sweet and easy.

micah-bath-320x200 micah-yawn-320x200

Micah has always liked the finer things in life. We celebrated his birthday last Friday with a sushi dinner. He loves shrimp, salmon and tuna. He also enjoys dipping biscotti in my coffee. And he loves wine tasting. Here he is at 5 months old wondering why there’s no wine in his glass!

micah-and-wine-glass-320x200 micah-wink-320x200

Like his big brother, Micah loves eating pancakes. Actually Micah – despite being a very “petite patoot” for his age – loves to eat just about everything.

micah-eating-pancakes-320x200 micah-1-birthday-320x200

Last year, Asher wanted to be a firefighter for haloween. He talked Micah into being the firehouse dog. Now that Micah is two, he loves firefighters too.


Over the last two years, Micah has had many adventures. He has been skiing at Alpental. He has gone hiking in the Olympic National Park. He has visited Legoland and played on the beaches in Orange County. He has gone shopping in San Francisco. He has been wine tasting and rock climbing in British Columbia. Micah loves a good adventure.


And I love Micah. Just look at those big brown eyes!





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10 03 2009

Cool post. Happy Birthday Micah!

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