Wee Woolies

20 02 2009

Last December when we brought Zephan home from the hospital, he was barely 5 pounds. For a few weeks before and after Christmas it was very cold here in Seattle, often well below freezing. We had warm baby clothes that both Asher and Micah had worn, but Zephan was swimming in everything. No matter how many layers we put on top of Zephan in his car seat, he always seemed cold.


To solve this problem, I went to Goodwill one sunny, snowy afternoon and bought a few wool sweaters. I tossed the sweaters in the washing machine to felt the wool and then cut the sweaters up to make pint-sized long underwear. The result? Cute, WARM, wee woolies that Zephan has been wearing all winter. Here is Zephan in his woolies made out of a lambswool sweater from J Crew:

booties woolies img_8195-320x2001

The wool is soft enough that it does not irritate his delicate baby skin. It is warm even if it gets wet. The woolies fit close to his body so we can use them as a base layer if we’re going to be out for a while. They also make excellent pajamas on chilly nights. Zephan wore them when we went to Portland. We were walking around outside almost all day in the cold weather and he was toasty. Likewise, Zephan wears them when we go skiing. Here are photos of Zephan wearing woolies under fleece while skiing and in Portland:

img_8097-320x200 img_8007-320x200 img_7913-320x200




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