Mommy moments

20 02 2009
my favorite trouble makers

my favorite trouble makers

Today was one of those days.

I’ve decided I need to stop wearing very low-rise jeans. Last night as I was doing dishes, Asher told me my pants were falling down. A little later, while I was breastfeeding Zephan, Micah cuddled up. He began to play with the little flap of skin left from my pregnant belly asking “Mama, what’s that?”.

Fortunately, I also happened to find a really cute pair of wide leg jeans on sale yesterday. Jeans that make me look like I didn’t just have a baby 3 months ago. Jeans that sit high enough on my hips that Asher won’t announce to the world that my pants are falling off and Micah won’t play with my muffin top.

This morning the kids had homemade muffins and hardboiled eggs for breakfast. Asher at his breakfast at the table. Micah at his muffin at the table and then asked to be excused. I found him a few minutes later, sneakily peeling a hardboiled egg on the stairs. After the egg incident, I had to rush to my women’s bible study. Even after two cups of coffee, I still felt uterly exhausted and I could not come up with one slightly insightful or intelligent thing to say. Umm, err, oh well.

This afternoon I needed to go through Zephan’s baby clothes. He has already grown out of his preemie and newborn clothes. While I was going through his dresser, Zephan was playing happily on the floor…until Micah came over and hit him with a toy. Hard. Hard enough to leave a little welt on his cheek right before we went to Zephan’s doctor appointment. Isn’t it enough that the little man has to have his blood drawn and get shots?

I banished Micah from Zephan’s room (which is getting cute…I’ll post pictures soon). A few minutes later, I heard splashing. I assumed the boys were playing in the sink. Oh boy, was I wrong.

When I went into the bathroom a few minutes later to change diapers before we went to the pediatrician, I discovered the boys had been playing in the toilet. Micah was soaking wet. Head to toe. The floor was wet. The towels, even the cute wash cloths that look like lions and sharks where soaking wet. Gross. Of course I didn’t have time to deal with it so I tossed a dry towel on the floor, scooped up the kids and left for the doctors.

While driving, I got stuck behind the school bus. This mean I was 20 minutes late to the pediatrican. When we got there, I discovered Micah didn’t have shoes. I didn’t have my cell phone or wallet. I didn’t even have the diaper bag. I got all the kids inside and then found out that the appointment was an hour later than I thought – instead of 20 minutes late I was 40 minutes early.

Thankfully, Micah and Zephan fell asleep in the car on the way home. This is why I have a few minutes to write about my crazy day.

Back to organizing baby clothes. And cleaning the bathroom.




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