Zephan is three months old!

19 02 2009

Zephan was three months old on Wednesday. He will see the doctor today, but I am guessing he is about 9 pounds and 22 inches long. Many of our friends have given birth to babies bigger than this, but for Zephan this is huge! He has gained over 5 pounds and grown more than 5 inches!

Zephan is doing really well for being a preemie. He is dealing with reflux and is still anemic – these are very common issues with preemies. He is growing quickly and while he is small for his age, he is fine for his adjusted age. He is basically like a one-month-old, just starting to smile and coo. He’s beginning to wave his hands at toys and with help he can hold on to some small objects. He seems to like music. He still prefers his soothie pacifier. He is still doing really well with breastfeeding, although he’ll take a bottle a little better than Asher or Micah did.

So here are a few photos to go along with this not-quite-wordless wednesday post:

Zephan and toys Zephan in his airplane shirt zephan's face Tummy time zephan chews on toy working on a toy




2 responses

19 02 2009

Wow, he has changed so much even since we saw you guys a few weeks ago. Amazing!!

20 02 2009

It’s official…at the doctor’s office today he was 9 pounds and 22 inches. Big boy!

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