In a moment

9 02 2009

Isn’t it amazing how a song can take you back to another time in a moment?

I just finished my chores for the day. The kitchen counters are shiny. The carpet is vacuumed. The furniture and windowsills are dust free. The diapers are washed and the jeans are in the dryer. The kids are fed and happily playing. The baby is sleeping here on my chest.

I sat down at my desk to check email and catch my breath. The song that came on my Pandora was Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.

In a moment I was brought back to the little apartment I lived in when I was studying international relations in Geneva, Switzerland. The apartment was on the third floor of a house in a tiny village, Crans, located 20 minutes from Geneva on the train. I could taste the coffee and smell the roasting chestnuts. I closed my eyes and remembered how the golden light dripped over the vineyards where I used to run at sunset. The mountains on every side. The deep blue of the Lac Leman. The yellow houses and orange roofs. I remember delerious joy and passion. I remember the hope that used to call me to my knees in prayer. I also remember despair and fear and pain. All of this comes back in a moment.

And then the song is over and I’m back here. Zephan is crying and Micah is showing me his toy garbage can and Asher wants me to read him a book about a pirate.



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