How can I complain when it’s almost 60 degrees outside?

5 02 2009

I love that it has been sunny and beautiful this week. I just wish there were more hours in the day to get out and enjoy it with the boys!

After my difficult start to this week, I feel like I am getting a little more comfortable dealing with Asher, Micah and Zephan. Today was actually really good!

We woke up a little late and Asher had a major meltdown while he was in the shower with Mark, but we still got him off to school on time. We’ve discovered the perfect car breakfast: Costco Trail Mix mixed with cereal. It is a good blend of whole grains, fruit and nuts with a little chocolate for fun. The kids like it enough to eat it instead of smearing or dumping it around the car and it seems to keep them happy and full until snack or lunch time.

I had my coffee and actually read through the day’s Bible study. I packed Zephan and Micah in the car to run a few errands in Bellevue, this time selling and giving away maternity clothes I no longer need. After picking Asher up from school, we went to Costco. As it was lunch time, I bought the boys a hot dog and smoothie to share and a second latte for mom – for less than $5. We bought what we needed at Costco and then went to Champion Grocery Outlet to get a few more things. We made it home with everyone in a good mood. Zephan and Micah were asleep. Asher rode his bike while I cleaned out the garage. Back inside, we cleaned out the fridge and put away the groceries. After nap time, I turned on a movie for the boys and squeezed in a quick workout while Zephan took another nap. Now, all I have left to do today is to make dinner and keep the kids in a good mood until Daddy’s home in one hour.

What made today work? Feeding the kids well and remembering the baby carrier. I love, love, love my Beco carrier. And the good weather helped.

Being a mom of three is a lot of hard work, but I think I can do this…

Asher just informed me that Zephan is crying. Can I really do this?




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