My day…

3 02 2009

Today I tried to do too much.

With three little kids, errands are pretty much my hell. At church, Pastor Mark often says that for Christians, life on Earth is the closest we’ll ever be to hell. Today is one of those days I say amen.

Today was the first day my husband Mark went back to work at Microsoft after having January and most of December on vacation or paternity leave. This means back to normal, or whatever normal will be, at home with me and the boys.

The day started well. We all woke up on time. By 8:00 a.m., everyone was dressed and we actually sat down to breakfast together – breakfast with juice and bacon and coffee. We had a few minutes to talk before I kissed Mark goodbye for the day. He took Asher to preschool and I stayed home with Micah and Zephan to do the dishes, start the laundry and clean the ski gear.

When my morning chores were done and Zephan was fed, I packed Zephan and Micah into the car to run a few errands before we picked Asher up from school. This is where the day begin to be frustrating. I went to Bellevue Square to buy something we need at Pottery Barn and for the first time ever – at least as far as I can remember – Pottery Barn was closed!

I ended up buying a slice of banana bread and a latte and walking around with the boys, who were mostly calm and enjoyable. I stopped to breastfeed Zephan in the dressing room at Martin and Osa. From here, things went downhill quickly.

Micah pooped. Zephan pooped.

Micah took off his shoes. Zephan’s shoes fell off.

On the way out to the car, I decided to try on a pair of jeans at American Eagle Outfitters. I grabbed my normal size. While I could zip them up, they weren’t exactly flattering. The distressing on the denim made me look especially wide exactly where I don’t want to look wide. And lumpy where I don’t want to be lumpy. I spent the rest of the day in a funk about my mommy body, missing my blond hair and my pre-baby abs.

We made it home and I made the kids a good lunch. We have these retro school lunch trays that have 5 compartments. One for the main dish, three for sides and one for a drink. This is great because it reminds me that the boys need to eat fruit and vegitables. So we all ate pears, corn and carrots with our tacos for lunch. Micah went down for a nap and Asher settled into his quiet time  and I was feeling pretty good about getting my own quiet time.

I sat down on the couch with my laptop and my Bible, but in less than 5 minutes Zephan was hungry. Again. And then he spit up. Again. Then Asher came downstairs and instead of getting back to my Bible, I did laundry and cleaned out the car.

We’re having a little stroller crisis and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. We have a great double jogging stroller, but it is so big I can not get it in and out of the car without hurting my back. We also have a small umbrella stroller. I love how portable this is, but Asher and Micah constantly fight over who gets to be in the stroller. Asher is four so he should walk, but he complains if he gets tired. Micah prefers to walk but he gets into everything if I let him out of the stroller and generally wants to do whatever Asher is doing. After the adventures this morning, I decided it is finally time to figure out the stroller.

And this is where the day gets worse. I pack the kids in the car at 3:30 to go from Renton to Southcenter to look at strollers at Babies R’Us. The traffic is terrible. The news on NPR is not appropriate for kids so I instead turn on Spirit 105.3. This does not really make me happy. We get stuck waiting for a train to pass. This fascinates the boys, but I’m worried that Zephan needs to eat and that his diaper is leaking (it is), so I am anxious to get there.

We get to Babies R’Us and they don’t have the stroller I wanted to try. We buy a few other things we need, but at this point the boys are getting wild. They are fighting over who gets to hang on the end of the shopping cart. They are pointing out everything they want that I will not buy. Remembering a good sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago, I decide to take the three boys to Old Navy before we go home. Big mistake!

We wander into the back of the store. Zephan is in a carrier and I am holding both Micah and Asher’s hands. When we get to the clearance section, however, the boys scatter. They decide to play hide and seek. There are like 50 racks of clearance stuff and Micah is fast and sneaky. Before I know it, he’s on top of the 10 foot high ladder that says “employees only”. I am yelling and nearly crying and officially feeling like the worst mother ever.

What were we thinking having three kids? How do they go from sweet little babies to wild, disobedient, crazy little boys in just two years?

Zephan screamed the whole way home because I never did feed or change him. Asher sang him songs and tried to get the pacifier in his mouth. Micah whined. Eventually we made it home and I put Micah in time out and fed Zephan. By the time daddy got home at about 6:05 p.m., I wanted to collapse.

Dinner was good. Bed time was easy. I even had a bath all by myself. And all three kids are sleeping right now as Mark and I sit and work on our laptops in our study (which is finally looking like a study!).



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3 02 2009

Welcome to the zoo my friend! I still am cautious about bringing all three to a store. It will get a lot easier, I promise. But it will probably not be quiet for about 20 years.

3 02 2009

A zoo it is.

The monkeys are now making farting noises while they eat their lunch.

3 02 2009

i found this post because we were linked by the ‘possibly related posts’ feature on wordpress… imagine how excited i was that our posts actually were related, and not just similar titles with vastly different content. and not only that, but that we are related, by Christ’s blood. AND (after i poked around your blog a bit) that we actually share a few friends, to boot.

now my babe is screaming and my mind has wandered, but i wanted to let you know i was encouraged to stumble upon your words today.

4 02 2009

wow. you are brave to go out twice in one day. if we go out at all it is once because my “it’s all too much for me” bell goes off after one round of in and out of the car. once you figure all this out…fill me in b/c i’m coming down your road.

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