The longer we are married…

9 01 2009

The more we look like brother and sister.

Have you ever noticed that the longer couples are married, the more they look like siblings?

As I received Christmas cards from our friends – most of you read this blog – I noticed that many husbands and wives are starting to look like each other.

I’m not going to post any of your photos on here because I don’t want to violate your privacy without permission. But for all of you who have a few dozen Christmas cards hanging up around your house, go look at your friends. How many of us look like we married our siblings? Seriously?!




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9 01 2009

i think at least a third of my christmas pictures would prove you right. and yes you and mark would be included in that stat if you were in your own christmas card — next year you have to be! that way when i have friends over visiting or who don’t know you i can be like, here’s my friend sara – she’s so cute ;).

10 01 2009

that is DEFINITELY true for us.
Nick and I look freakishly alike & we won’t even wear our glasses on the same day – if we do, we look freakishly inbred.

11 01 2009
Angie Winkler

Funny! But I hope we aren’t one of those couples. I can’t imagine ever looking like Jesse. I guess I’ll just keep bleaching my hair and he’ll just keep buzzing his. That oughta do it! 🙂

12 01 2009

Yes, yes yes!!

I worked as a NAC in a nursing home for many years and this has almost always been the case with the older couples I worked with.

How incredible is that..?

21 01 2009

Yes, it is SO true! I was just saying the same thing to Rob over the weekend!

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