Zephan update!

5 01 2009



I have been meaning to write about Zephan.

He has been home now for nearly three weeks. He is the equivalent of 38 weeks – his due date is January 17. He now weighs about 6 pounds and 5 ounces and is growing quickly. As we approach is due date, he is waking up and acting a little more like a newborn instead of a preemie. This more or less means he cries when he is upset and wakes up when he is hungry.

What else?

Zephan loves breastfeeding and he is good at it.

He smiles when I kiss his ears.

He hates baths in the bathroom sink but loves to be in the big tub with mom.

He makes little noises that sound like a baby goat when he is hungry or wants to be held.

He looks almost exactly like Micah, except he has fuzzy brown hair and Micah had no hair.

His brothers call him “Bef” or “Beffin” instead of Zephan. When Micah cuddles up with Zephan, he says “Hi Bef” – we’re worried this nickname will stick around until they are all teenagers!

It is really good to be home with all the family. We’re having a lot of fun. No one is sleeping very well and we’re all exhausted, but the third time around, we know the sleepless nights will pass. Before we know it, Zephan will be toddling around and we’ll all be getting plenty of rest. We’re deeply thankful for this little person. We’re humbled by this gift. We’re enjoying this sweet time of being together.




One response

5 01 2009

i found your blog under “38 weeks” . i was looking for other 38 weeks moms and i realized that some of them already had their babies….
your baby is sooo sweet, i think im ready for mine

good luck

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