First signs of spring

2 01 2009

Spring is coming. Somewhere under the snow melting in our front yard, the earth is preparing for new life. As the ground thaws, grass will grow, bulbs will sprout and bugs will get busy.

It may only be January, but the first signs of spring are arriving in stores still trying to clear out winter woollies. 

Today, I have two projects I am working on at our house. The first is packing up the Christmas decorations. The second is organizing the kids clothes and shoes into boxes: 6-12 months, 12-24 months and clothes that are too small for Asher but too big for Micah. I am also setting aside shorts, tees and swimsuits that will fit our boys when we go to Hawaii in April.

It’s hard to believe that Zephan – who is barely six pounds – could have already grown out of some of his clothes. But we already have a smallish pile of preemie that are now too small. As I go through the blue bins full of memories, I am reminded how quickly these little people grow…and how soon it will be spring!

This brings me to my Friday Fashion post for the week (yes, I am going to do this again!).

Several days for Christmas, as we were wrapping up our holiday shopping, I discovered Tea’s new Japanese Jensui and East Meets Brazil collections. These little boys clothes are wonderfully fresh in shades of indigo, orange and green. I like these colors so much I think this will be the inspiration for my spring shopping – for my clothes, not just for the boys.

tea-shirt tea-cargo-pants tea-sweater tea-fish-shirt




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