Between Contractions

20 11 2008

I wrote this letter to Zephan one week ago when I thought I was in labor. I wrote in between contractions, trying to prepare myself for our son’s premature birth. By God’s grace, our little boy was able to have five more days in my womb before he was born.


Dear Baby,

If there is any way you could stay in longer, stay little one. It is still too soon. But if it is time for you to be born, I am ready to be your mommy. Our journey together so far has not been easy, but I love you more than I can possibly explain. You have a family who loves you and is excited to meet you. Two big brothers: Asher and Micah. A daddy who loves you as much as I do.


Is it time? It is hard to know. The contractions are coming and they seem to be getting stronger. Baby, I am scared. But I will be brave. You will need to be brave too. The coming days and weeks will not be easy. Your daddy and I will be with you and you will be born in a place where there are doctors and nurses who can take good care of you.


You are a blessing, little one. While you have taken mommy and daddy by surprise, we are so excited to welcome you into our family.


I feel you moving in my belly. Will these be some our our last moments as one? I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, to know that you are save and that this is over. To smell your sweet smell, to touch your soft hair. To look into your eyes. Will you look like your brothers? Your dad? Me?


God has protected you. His hand has been on your life.


Much Love,





One response

20 01 2009

Oh this made me cry. Beautiful and honest.

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