What I love about the hospital

17 11 2008

I am not sure why Mama is tired of being at the hospital. I think it is so much fun. Here are the Top 10 Things I Love about the Hospital!

By Micah Brinton


10. Checking out the mini fridge full of snacks – not to mention meeting the “snack guy” who brings mama cheese, crackers, peanut butter, fruit and ice cream every day


9. Playing hide and seek in the curtains 

8. Pushing the buttons on the hospital bed to make it go up and down and to turn the lights on and off

7. Eating mama’s leftovers: soup, grapes, bananas, and especially cake!


6. Coloring pictures for mama’s wall at the little table for kids

5. Giving the baby kisses and listening to his heartbeat


4. Watching the nurses put in mama’s IV and take her temperature

3. Escaping and running down the hall to make the nurses laugh

2.  Taking a bath in mama’s jetted tub


1. Huggle-ing with mama, especially since she took my favorite blanket to this hospital!





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