Another day on bed rest

4 11 2008

Here is my random stream of thoughts through this a day of hospital bed rest…

I just finished a cup of coffee: not bad, for hospital coffee.

Baby boy’s heart is galloping along. Kurplunk, kurplunk, kurplunk. Little feet kick my hands as baby boy rotates around on his head. Little body rolls from side to side: lumps and bumps across my belly.

I don’t want to turn on the television. It is loud. Mark and I do not have cable. I’m not going to get on any sort of high horse here and say get rid of your television. We waste plenty of time watching our favorite tv shows. We just usually watch online. But here in the hospital I have cable. It is loud. Obnoxious. And there are a lot of commercials. I’m excited for the election to be over because I am tired of the commercials!

Baby has calmed down: swish, swish, swish.

How do I fill another day on bed rest? Yesterday, I was on a higher does of magnesium sulfate and I felt totally strung out. My eyes burned like I had been hiking in the desert for a week with no sunglasses. My checks were flushed. My lungs were tight and hot. My uterus, however, was relaxed.

Today they have turned down the magnesium a little. My head is a little clearer. I can see, read, write. This is good. My uterus is a little more irritable: this is not so good. Baby’s heart races again as I contract. Was that 3 in 15 minutes?

I play a little game with baby. If I tap on my tummy, he thumps back. Tap, tap, tap – thump, thump, thump.


Life feels sort of suspended. When I was at home, things kept on moving. I kept on moving, probably more than I should to be completely honest. I have a very hard time being still.


If I see a sock on the floor, I move it to the pile of laundry.

If I see a pile of laundry, I throw it downstairs (who needs a laundry chute?).

If there’s a pile of dirty laundry on the floor in the dining room, I kick it into the laundry room before guests arrive to help.

If there’s a pile of laundry on the floor of the laundry room, I sort it into hampers. I wash, I dry, I fold.


Now at the hospital, I don’t have a choice but to sit here and feel little baby wiggle. I just finished lunch: roast beef sandwich, carrots, watermelon, chicken soup, chocolate milk and a really yummy cookie. Baby started kicking a lot when I ate the cookie. It was a really good cookie.

Some of you have asked if there is anything you could bring. To be honest, we have most things we need and I really can’t complain! I do like coffee (tall whole milk latte – decaf if it’s the afternoon) and the air is dry so I’m almost out of lotion. If I end up staying past Wednesday or Thursday, I might be really happy to have more things to fill my time. There is a DVD player in my room, so movies or tv shows would be fun.

I’m trying to find the energy to focus on the awesome Bible study I just started with my women’s group: pilgrimage of the heart. What I love about this study so far is that it’s not a simple “fill in the blanks” study. It really makes you think about where you are at in your journey with God. It’s been refreshing and challenging, and I’m barely done with the first chapter.


One thing I do need is a name for this baby!


I’m tired of calling him baby boy, little man, and little dude. Asher thinks we should name him Pederson Salliola. The hospital nurses think this is cute and have been calling baby Salli. Hmm…

I have a very strong opinion about what to name our son. My husband is just not there yet. So please pray that God would lead us in this. It feel sort of silly – we could wait until baby is here – but with all of the stress I’ve faced in this pregnancy, I think going ahead and naming baby would help me bond with him.

And for one more thing before one of my friends joins me for a little while: an awesome picture of Asher and Micah on halloween:


Micah was a puppy and Asher was a mountain rescue guide.




2 responses

4 11 2008

sooo glad to hear you are feeling better. that 24 hours on mag is a doozy. i am trying to figure out how to see you. the girls would be crazy town in a hospital room. i’m looking for some help for tomorrow. i think today is out w/ voting. i could come thursday for sure if you are still there b/c “nani” is helping with the lady bugs. i’ll get back with you. we’re getting out the word to pray. do you want any treats? come on. be honest. do a blog on what you wish the hospital had for you 😉

7 11 2008

I am thinking about you and praying that your little man will stay put a while longer! Your family and your story is so similar to ours! We also had a harder time coming up with a name for our third boy; I’m sure God will lead you to the right choice. Please keep us posted!
Karen (Joyful Mama at MDC)

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