Virtual makeover fun

15 10 2008

Which hair style do you like best?

This week I have discovered there is a whole world of virtual makeovers online. This is definitely a way to waste an endless amount of time on the internet. But it’s also pretty cool to be able to try on new hair, makeup, and clothing without leaving the comfort of your sweats.

For celebrity hairstyles, my favorite website is the InStyle Magazine Hair Makeover tool. A similar website that allows you to try hairstyles as well as makeup is the IVillage makeover-o-matic. I used this website to do the political makeovers earlier this week.

Other websites focus on fashion. H&M, along with a handful of other online retailers, allow you to create a vitual model who can try on clothes and accessories. You can customize the model with your body measurements and even add your face. Here is my H&M model in a few outfits.


Other websites have taken the virtual shopping experience one step further. These retailers allow you to enter several – or sometimes more than a dozen – body measurements to receive suggestions on how to dress your body. Three sites I’ve found are and



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