Hair history

15 10 2008

On Thursday, I’m going to have my hair cut and colored. I’m excited to get out of the house for a few hours. I have not had my hair done since June and I feel like I’ve been in a hair rut for at least a decade.

When I was in high school, I had shoulder length hair with blond highlights. When I moved to Seattle to go to college, I dyed my hair dark brown. Several months later, I cut it shorter. And then I began to grow it out and add blond highlights again. This pattern has more or less continued for the last ten years. Here are a few photos from 1998-2008. Please don’t laugh too hard…



Motherhood has been hard on my hair: I have been pregnant or nursing for five years. While my hair gets thick and grows quickly with each pregnancy, when I am nursing my hair literally falls out and gets very brittle. I do not have much time to do my hair, so I often put my hair in a ponytail.

I have naturally wavy hair and for most the the last ten years, I’ve used a flat iron to make it straight. If I could do anything with my hair, I think I would want long, wavy hair. But especially as a mom, I have not been able to grow my hair very long between pregnancies. I know that over the next year I’ll have to go through another season of hair loss and dry hair – so I am reluctant to try to grow my hair very long right now. It seems like it might be a good time to have short hair. When I’m done nursing in another year or so, I can begin to grow my hair out again.

So anyway, in my next post, I’m planning to look at some options for cutting my hair this week. I’d like to get away from “mom hair”. I’d also like to look like a grown up. When my hair is long and blond, or when it is permanently in a pony tail, I still look about 16! I’m going to see a new stylist at Seven Salon in downtown Seattle…




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