Just the curtains?

10 10 2008

Just the curtains…or the whole bedroom?

After seven years of marriage – and seven years of the same sheets – Mark and I are going to redecorate the master bedroom. In our last house, we went a little crazy for barn red and sage green. While these are beautiful, classic colors, we are ready for something more modern. The plan is to go towards an atmospheric blue paired with brown and white.

We’ve been looking for velvet curtains and we’re down to two choices:

Grommet curtains from Target for about $30 each, or a total of $120? Or similar velvet curtains from Pottery Barn for about $500? The Pottery Barn curtains are nicer. They are a heavier weight velvet and are lined. But for that difference in price, we could buy new bedding, towels, and accessories for the bedroom and bath.


For bedding, I would like to find bedding in organic cotton. I would like everything to be a shade of white or ivory, or possibly the right color of brown or grey. I would like to keep the bedding really simple. 


I would like to make several throw pillows for the bed out of Amy Butler’s August Fields or Daisy Chain fabrics. I’m not sure which of these fabrics I will use.


In the bathroom, we have a large room with a double vanity, a shower and a soaking tub. We will paint this room a color similar to the curtains. We also have a boring, plain little room for the toilet. I would like to do something fun with this small space – maybe cool wallpaper and an interesting light? I like this wallpaper from Graham and Brown for Target.


With the $380 we save by buying curtains at Target, we could buy bedding at West Elm, towels and wallpaper at Target, several yards of fabric from Amy Butler and maybe even new lighting and a throw blanket.

The only problem is, my husband doesn’t like grommets. Hmm…what do you think dear?




4 responses

10 10 2008

which is which in the pictures?

10 10 2008

The curtain with the grommets on the left is from Target. The curtain hanging on rings on the right is from PB.

10 10 2008

The target ones fit more the modernist aesthetic. That grommet look became quite popular a handful of years ago. Far cleaner than the contrasty black and extra hangy thingies.

11 10 2008

I like the Target ones better, actually. They’re ‘lighter’ and I like the grommet look. 🙂

PS Found your blog on MDC… I hope your bedrest is over swiftly and with a positive outcome!

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