Busy hands

9 10 2008

When my doctors first told me to “take it easy” in July, I was excited to have time to study and write. As a busy mom, it is hard to find time for these quiet disciplines. Through the summer, I spent many hours with my laptop in bed writing. I ordered a big pile of books I’ve been meaning to read from Amazon.

As summer turned into fall, however, I’ve grown weary. My brain has turned to mush. I’m lost in a fog of pregnancy hormones. I’ve heard that exercise is really good for your brain; the opposite must also be true.

It is the middle of October. I am almost 26 weeks pregnant. I found out I was pregnant in April. Since then, I’ve spent most of every day in bed. At first, I was in bed because of exhaustion and morning sickness. Since July, I’ve been in bed trying to prevent preterm labor.

At this point, I have two months left of bedrest. If our baby is still in my womb at 34 weeks – December 5 – I will be off bed rest. As my contractions keep increasing in intensity, however, I know that I may have less time than this. Hopefully baby boy will not be born before the middle of November.

So I am entering the final months of what has already been a very long pregnancy. This pregnancy has been measured in weeks and days, hours and sometimes minutes between contractions as we’ve hoped and prayed to make it far enough.

Physically I am in pain. Emotionally I am weary: the burden of carrying a life inside me is heavy. Night after night, I have gone to bed feeling painful contractions praying to wake up in the morning still pregnant. By God’s grace and His provision, our son is still safe inside me, growing stronger every day.

In these final weeks and months of my pregnancy, I am finally nesting. I’ve let myself believe that in the end, we will have a healthy baby and we’re starting to get ready. This month we’re decorating the nursery. I am going to sew new crib bedding. My husband has already put together the new furniture and he will paint the nursery. We’ll hang up art and create a space in our home for this little person.

I’m finding that keeping my hands busy is the best way to make it through the end of this season. I started this blog this morning planning to just post some creative ideas for things to make. So I will go ahead and do that!

Soft guitars…






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