Daddy, I want to do data analysis!

4 10 2008

Daddy, I want to do data analysis!

These words, spoken by our son Asher, warmed my husband’s heart. Mark is a data analyst – more specifically, he works in MSN’s online advertising business. He loves charts and graphs. Most three year olds, however, want to be firefighters or astronauts or pirates.

Last week, Asher threw a pile of Micah’s toys off our deck into a tangle of blackberry bushes. Some of the toys are lost forever. As a consequence, we have told Asher to “get a job” so that he can pay Micah back by buying him a new toy. We are paying Asher to do jobs around the house like taking out the garbage and moving piles of laundry. When he earns a total of $20, we will take him shopping for Micah. So far he has earned $9.

As we were explaining all of this to Asher, he had a lot of questions. For the first time, he realized that when Daddy goes to work, they pay him money. Daddy would not do his job if they didn’t pay him. We explained that this is how it works for most jobs. But Mommy and Daddy do the job of loving and taking care of Asher and Micah for free. Somewhere in his preschooler brain, this clicked: wow, Mom and Dad must really love me because they do all this for free!

Back to the data analysis.




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