Craigslist crazy

2 10 2008

Every few months, I go a little crazy, clean out a closet or two, and sell a pile of stuff on Craigslist. After I try to sell everything for a few weeks, I take the leftovers to Goodwill and collect the receipt for a tax deduction the following year.

Each time I go through everything we own and think we have rid ourselves of whatever stuff we no longer need. But then a few months go by and somehow we have accumulated more things we don’t need!

Today I put a pile of stuff on Craigstlist. Again. This time we are selling pillows that do not match our new rugs and curtains as well as table linens that are the wrong size for our new tables. We’re selling some old bedding, baby stuff and curtains as well. I’m hoping to earn about $200, which I will use to pay for redecorating the nursery!

We’ve already bought the new crib and dresser and new curtains, so I am hoping $200 will cover everything else we need, including bedding, art, paint, and supplies to refinish my mom’s old glider. The glider is about as ugly as can be, but the frame is in good condition and there is no reason why I can’t make new cushions and paint the frame a cool color!




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