Deerly Beloved

29 09 2008

Which came first, the Mars Hill Song of Songs Peasant Princess video or the Wall Candy Deerly Beloved wall art?

I was searching for inspiration for the nursery last night on Ohdeedoh when I found these strangely familiar  fawns batting their digital eye lashes at me. Were these “cute as a button Bambi-inspired fawns” that appeal to both teens and ‘tweens with “bright color and fun illustration” the inspiration for the design of Mars Hill’s Peasant Princess? When Mark and I watched the trailer for the Peasant Princess series online, we didn’t get it, but we also figured we were at least 15 years too old to know whether or not it was cool.

How would these look on the walls at Mars Hill Ballard? Or Mars Hill Eastside?

Either way, I’m excited for Mars Hill’s new sermon series. Mark and I have always enjoyed when Pastor Mark has preached through books of the Bible. He has a gift for making sometimes difficult parts of scripture very practical and relevant. And while some people might think the content of Song of Songs is a little hot for Sunday morning, we all need good teaching about sex and we’re certainly not getting sound instruction from the world.




One response

1 10 2008

I think they would look great on the walls in children’s ministry!

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