Work Space

23 09 2008

One of the other decorating projects we’re planning right now is the den, which will be primarily a work space. We also want it to function as a guest room when needed and a quiet place to relax and study.

We have decided to paint the walls an inky gray color. We are going to refinish the kitchen dining table and use it as a large work table in the center of the room. Under the table, we are looking for a great rug. So far this is our favorite:

We’re planning on moving most of our books upstairs to the reading loft and mostly need storage for office and crafting supplies in this room. I would like to do something a little like this along the wall:

I think these custom cabinets made by Henry Built are beautiful, but they are probably out of our price range. We may try to do something similar with the new Solar cabinets from Ikea.

To make a guest bed, we are looking for a small scale couch or sectional that both looks good and is comfortable for sleeping. Right now, we are leaning towards the Manstad sectional from Ikea, which transforms into a comfortable bed in just seconds and costs less than $1000.



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