Fashion editor for a day

20 09 2008

So for those of you who may be reading this blog expecting to find my deep thoughts about faith, pregnancy, eating disorders, or any other serious topic, I have to apologize. Last week was so hard, my brain is a little fried. So this week I’m mostly having fun on my blog. Instead of writing, I’m decorating our house, shopping for fall clothes, and planning a vacation to Hawaii. All in my head, of course – I am still on bed rest!

I secretely wish that I was hip enough to work at a magazine in New York. I love movies like The Devil Wears Prada, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and 13 Going on 30. Like Andrea, Andie and Jenna, I think that I could be the smart but quirky girl who manages to get the cool job at the fashion magazine only to realize that I can be fashionable and have a job that is meaningful…

In reality, I spend my days chasing around a few little boys in gloomy Seattle. Anything labeled “dry clean only” has been stuffed to the back of my closet. Rain boots are way more practical than stilletos. And it’s a good day if I shower, put on makeup and leave the house wearing something that isn’t made out of fleece!

But I think it is possible to be a cool mom. So join me for a little fun as I play fashion editor for a day.

Top 10 Picks: Fall Fashion for Moms on the Go

1. Start with a great pair of boots


2. Add a skirt in basic denim or not-so-basic peacock colored tweed. Or consider a trendy floral skirt. Wear with tights!


3. Jewel tone – or animal print – flats will make basic jeans and t-shirts stylish.

4. Ready to get cozy? This year, pick sweaters that are anything but basic in colors like eggplant or rust. Or pick a fun striped cardigan.


5. Instead of a basic bootcut jean, this year opt for a straight-leg jean to wear with flats or a skinny jean to tuck into boots.


6. Another pant that is great for playing with kids is corduroy. This year, pick something other than brown. These are gray, hazel, pumpkin and wine.


7. Find a jacket you will be excited to wear when it is chilly outside. A military-style jacked with feminine details is practical and warm. Or pick something in a bright color that will make you smile no mater the weather!


8. Pick a sexy date top to wear when you go out with your husband!


9. If you bring your diaper bag on dates, it’s probably time to find a proper handbag again.

10. Buy a bra that fits!




3 responses

20 09 2008

Guilty of #9.

20 09 2008

i actually really need these tips!!!

25 09 2008

I am not sure if I can pull off boots with a skirt but I love the idea so I might just try it some time soon. Sara you are lovely!

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