Or this crib?

19 09 2008

Now the other modern looking crib I like from JC Penny is on sale too. This one costs $100 less. Which is better?

This one has a built-in bookcase at one end. I don’t like the matching dresser as much, but we have never had a dresser for the boys before. We have always just used the closet. Or we could pick up a simple Malm dresser from Ikea for a lot less than the dresser below.




One response

19 09 2008

I have heard good things about the JC Penny Sweet Pea (you show here) and the new Pottery Barn line in your last post. Also heard good things about the Baby Mod Olivia Crib at Walmart, but bad off-gassing things about the Dwell Studio line at Target. That just about rounds out the ‘inexpensive’ modern-ish cribs I can think of off the top of my head. I think the matching WalMart dresser is really good looking. I agree the JC Penny’s one is not doing it for me- maybe it’s those silly little nobs. But again that only matters if it is going to be a whole set. As the proud owner of two Ikea Malm dressers- not a bad option.

The one thing to think about with the bookcase on the end is the placement of the crib in the room- you would need ample space to really utilize that bookcase- either short end against the wall (as shown in the promo picture) or along a long enough wall. I can’t remember exactly what that room is like, but measuring would be wise 😉

I really do dig the dark stain against the white- a really dynamic choice. Good luck deciding!!

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