31 08 2008

My husband is flying on an airplane to Paris.

My boys are visiting their grandfather for the afternoon.

I am home alone. It is quiet. Normally our house is filled with noise: children laughing, little feet running, appliances whirring.

I’m not really alone. There is a fly buzzing in circles around the kitchen. He’s been here for days. We’ve been waiting with the fly swatter, but he never lands. He is always in motion but never getting anywhere.

I am trying to be still. I feel the baby growing bigger and stronger. He is fast, much faster than Asher or Micah. It is amazing to be still and yet go somewhere.



One response

31 08 2008

i don’t know why i like this so much. it’s so simple and yet i really connect with it. you are doing GOOD WORK little lady. you ARE headed somewhere in your stillness. all you can do is enjoy the ride since you can’t get off for a while.


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