sweet little words

24 08 2008

Daddy, daddy, milk, milk.

You start the day with a double tall soymilk.

When you are done, you throw the cup out of your crib.

Mommy, mommy, baby, baby.

You climb in bed and kiss my tummy.

And then under the covers where you roar like a lion.

Down, down, hungry, hungry.

You are ready for breakfast.

You love pum (plums) and bewi (berries).

When your tummy is full, you announce:

All done, get down!

Before you throw your food on the floor.

You take off your diaper and say

Poop, poop, potty, potty

We let you sit

But nothing comes out

No, no, no, no; no, no, no

You are practicing to be two

You look out the window to see the jet flying above

Up, up, up, up

You are quite polite

Peas (please)

Dank du (thank you)

Ew welcome (you’re welcome)


Micah, I am so happy you’re my boy

Mommy happy

I love you Micah

Wuv wu mommy




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