9 08 2008

Something hits a pregnant woman when she realizes that her home needs to be ready for a baby bird – call it “nesting” or going a little crazy or something in between. There is a last minute burst of energy where the woman will clean her house or do laundry when labor is imminent. And then there is the longer process of preparing a space for a new life.

When I was 36 weeks pregnant with Asher and my OB took me off bedrest, I woke up at 4 am to drag all of the holiday decorations out of the garage. By the time my husband woke up around noon, I had set up the Christmas tree, hung the lights, and set up the house for Christmas. On the morning I went into labor with Micah, I woke up and knew that it was time. I cleaned the house and baked cookies. We arrived at the hospital with several plates of freshly baked cookies: nurse bait.

This time around I was really hoping to have a girl in part because we have everything we need for a boy. I know it will be both sentimental and fun to get all of Asher and Micah’s baby things out of storage. But honestly, I was hoping that this time around we would sell all of the boy stuff and shop for something pink. Something with flowers. Something with little birds.

C’est la vie. We’re having another boy.

I am still thinking about changing the nursery. We’ve collected a lot of dog and firetruck stuff, but instead of leaving this in the nursery, I’m planning on moving it to Asher and Micah’s big boy room. Their new room is decorated with red, navy, and light blue and the firefighter theme will work very well. This gives me an excuse to go ahead and redecorate the nursery.

We’re considering selling the Pottery Barn Kids sleigh crib and changing table and buying something more modern. We’re also going to buy a comfortable chair for the nursery, most likely a glider that I will slipcover with cool fabric. I’d like to go in a more modern direction, but I am still looking for inspiration. Chocolate brown with light blue and orange?  Grey with leaf green and teal?

Or maybe this?



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10 08 2008

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